We have something in common

video installation


I never knew my grandfather. When I was born, he was not here anymore. In my childhood I did not understand this, but I knew where his grave was, it was easy to find because a birch tree grew beside it. Meanwhile, I and the tree grew up and the tree was cut off last year. I was just around that day, and I took the log. I didn’t know why, and I still don’t know what I supposed to do with it. We’re passing each other, sometimes staring at each other, sometimes we have great thoughts about being, life and death, about the body and the soul, time  and the roots, the only certainitiy is that we have something in common.

The installation itself is a gesture based on this personal story. The main object is the birch log which is from the birch tree growing on the grave of my grandpa. In the video installation I projected different videos onto the log, where I show up drinking water on different sites. This gesture of drinking somehow connects us, considering we’re both from the body of my grandpa.