Inter-play I.


video installation


To me, the blue well is a very special object, associated with important childhood experiences and images. They had been installed nation-wide to provide drinking water, but since we have the plumbing network, the wells have partially lost their function. They still can be found in certain places as the characteristic objects of the hungarian countryside where I’m coming from.

Beyond it’s connection to water as a basic condition of life, the use of the well is surrounded by special interactions. Various people in the video are trying to wash their hands and drink water. They are all alone, their self-dependence forces them to uncomfortable, sometimes untenable positions or drives them to find resourceful alternative solutions.

Most of my work is about human issues, personal and social ones, which I feel important and topical. Through the observation of the phenomena surrounding us, we can get to more general questions of our existence. This is the purpose of my work. This installation, ‘Inter-Play’ deals with loneliness as a way of life referring to the process of social individualization and the question of growing isolation. The personal motif and objectification of this context is the well as a symbol of interdependency. According to Baudrillard, the postmodern society was transformed into a mass of individual atoms. At the same time, we see how loneliness harms our individual, collective, and social health, and we try to deal with its consequences with many tools, including art.

The video from the installation: